Indigo Team


Marisa Sousa - Founder/Intuitive

 I am an intuitive 

a Reiki master/Teacher

certified crystal & Holistic healer

Certified life/Soul Coach

Cosmetologist & COTA

I am able to read energy signatures from both realms.  I use my intuitive gifts to connect you with loved ones & other beings such as guides, ancestors, etc.   I work with the Ascend Masters & the galactic federation.  I use the crystalline grid to align your chakras for an optimal wellness, as well as, raise your frequencies to better serve your higher self. I also assist in your shadow self, healing your hero's journey here on Earth.

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Dominick Barbee -
Tarot Reader

Dominick is a Tarot Card Reader.


Dominick has been reading Tarot for 1 year & receives messages from his guides to assist during your Tarot reading.  His specialty is self-love readings/right to the point answers to your questions. 

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Katina Couts -
Oracle Guide

Katina is Reiki Master

Angel/Oracle Guide

Life Empowerment Coach 

Katina is a lightworker who allows spirit & her guides to work through her during each session.  Katina uses energy balls to release past karma, rewrite contractions, & cutting cord ceremonies. Katina uses her gifts of empowerment creating a unique illuminating experience for each person to help them live their best life!

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Teresa Baker - Spiritual Alchemist

Teresa is a Reiki Master

Animal Reiki Master

Belief Clearing Practitioner 

Self Mastery/Intuitive

Development Coach

Teresa uses the assistance of the Archangels & Guides along with her intuition to promote healing using energy work, crystals, grounding & belief clearing techniques.  Her passion is to touch the hearts of those she encounters, as well as to teach them empowerment in taking control of their lives & raising their vibrations.


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Erica Borges Vandegrift - Holistic Practitioner

Erica is a holistic wellness practitioner, CCHT, CPT. of Enlightened Visions. 


Erica focuses on helping you keep mind, body, and spirit in perfect balance through the use of clinical hypnotherapy, life/Spirit Coaching, Toe Reading, Flower Essence, Essential oils, and Guided Meditation.  She also facilities past life regression. You will be guided to live your best possible life.  It is my belief that you are the key to your happiness. You hold all the answers. It is my mission to help you dig deep to find those answers. 


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