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 Crystals/Chakras, Crystal Grids, & Divination Classes

Please call Marisa to RSVP

(386) 585-4454


This class covers basic crystal knowledge, such as properties, color therapy, & how the crystals energy connects with ours.  Includes a PowerPoint, 7 crystals, & crystal wand!

Learning about the chakras and what crystals are aligned with each chakra.  You will learn the ways to use your crystals and how to improve those chakras when they are off balanced.


Image by Esther Verdú


This is a more advanced class connecting energetic vibrations with universal correspondence.  This class touches on how to create a crystal grid, what crystals to use, how a grid works, and why use one?  Includes a PowerPoint, Generator crystal, 2 main crystals for protection, & 6 crystals to program a board of Sacred Geometry grid.




Learning about the different types of Divination tools, such as, Pendulums, Oracle, Tarot Cards, Runes, & Dowsing Rods. Includes a PowerPoint, Pendulum, Runes (wood), & Mini Tarot deck. 



Image by Carla Santiago
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