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Rose Quartz Grid #setyournewmoonintentio

 Crystals, & Grids


This class covers basic crystal knowledge; such as properties, color therapy, & how the crystals energy connects with ours.

Crystal Class ~ $35

Crystal Grids

This is more advanced class connecting energetic vibrations with universal correspondence.  This class touches on how to create a crystal grid, what crystals to use, how a grid works, and why use one?

Crystal Grid Class ~ $45

Reiki Levels I, II, III

Reiki ~  How do I use it?, & Why would I use it?

These are the most common asked questions, are you interested in learning Reiki or perhaps use this healing technique in your practice?  Take these classes and apply this gentle healing modality as you wish!

Reiki Level 1 ~ $250

Reiki Level 2 ~ $360

Reiki Level 3 ~ $470


Tarot & Oracle Cards


Learn to connect with your higherself and what the energies are telling you. Basic classes on how to use Tarot, what the cards mean, & why use them?

Tarot Class ~ $35



This class is more fluid and flowing and how to read your energy in the present moment. How to use Oracle cards, why use them, & am I doing this right?

Oracle Class ~ $35

Energy Ball 

Energy ball exercises can be an effective method used to create positive and powerful energy to support the various tasks needed in our everyday lives. By making and using this energy ball, any person can acquire positive energy and use it to make changes such as in their surroundings, needed healings, and even for the benefit of the other people around you.

                    Energy Ball ~ $25