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I am an Intuitive Medium, licensed in Occupational Therapy Assistant and Cosmetology.  Certificated in Life Purpose Coaching, Reiki Master, and a Certified Crystal/Holistic Healer. As a young child I had gifts of a Medium.  I had suppressed my gifts due to old religious belief patterns. I studied many different religions & none resonated with me.  Later in life, I was lead to Crystals & Reiki.  Reiki's loving energy allowed me to open up to my medium side & my life's purpose.  Working with Crystals opened a well of wisdom inside of me and how to work with energy for well-being.  Going within such as; Meditation brought me to a place of authenticity.  Shadow work has been a total metamorphosis.  Accepting who I truly am, has directed me to my life path.

The Indigo Door ~ a sacred holistic intuitive sanctuary, where we regain our intuition by relaxing and being in the moment.  Intuition is our inner compass that holds the wisdom we have within us.  Our Mavens are guided intuitively during their sessions to personalize your experience for your individual signature.   We offers Holistic services and sell tools to awaken your intuitive self. We also educates on Holistic modalities such as; Art, Astrology, Crystals, Channeling, Intuitive Readings, Life Purpose Coaching, Meditation,  Numerology, Palmistry, Poetry, Reiki, & Tarot/Oracle.  The Holistic approach and tools, can assist in the healing process, which is an on going journey.  We are here to clear and aligned you back to maintain balance in your life. The Indigo Door is here to awaken this essence.




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